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Snack on the Track

quiche mealPlease note this menu is not exhaustive and is designed to give an example of the dishes on offer at The Tea Junction.

Many of the menu items are made on the premises, using, wherever possible, local produce (eg, cheeses, meat, preserves).



tea and sconesTea Selection                                                              
Standard or decaff  – per person per pot         ₤1.65
Earl Grey, Chai, Fresh & Fruity, Decaff Earl Grey, Pure Peppermint

Fresh Coffee – Douwe Egberts
Per cup                                                     ₤1.65
Nescafe Instant / Decaff                                ₤1.00

Hot Chocolate, mug of                                     ₤1.65

Banana Milk Shake – 300ml
Banana, milk and ice cream.                        ₤2.30  

Chocolate Milk Shake – 300ml
Drinking chocolate, milk and ice cream          ₤2.30

Coke – glass 200ml/300ml                  £1.00/₤1.40             
Milk, semi skimmed – 200ml                        ₤0.80
Fruit Squash, Robinsons no added sugar       ₤0.75
Orange or Blackcurrant & Apple
Fentimans Traditional Drinks – 275ml
Dandelion & Burdock, Cloudy Lemonade         ₤1.90
Ginger Beer
J20 – Orange & Passion Fruit                          ₤1.80


Sweet ………..


Toasted Teacake (buttered)                         ₤1.65
Selection of Homemade Cakes                         ₤1.50 - £2.20
Plain scone, with  jam and cream                   ₤1.90



…… and Savoury


Homemade Soup of the Day, served with bread                  ₤3.85
Please look at the Specials Board for today’s flavour.

Staffordshire Oatcakesx 2, served with a choiceof fillings
Brie or Cheddar Cheese with either tomato or bacon            ₤3.85


sandwichesSandwiches (proper bread with delicious fillings)                        ₤3.85
free-range egg/homemade mayonnaise, tuna/homemade mayonnaise, cheddar cheese/ homemade chutney. Served with kettle chips




Please see the Specials Board for other menu items.